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Michelin Guide Three Star restaurant 11 Madison Park is a plant-based fine dining restaurant located across from the beautiful Madison Square Park at 24th St. & Madison Avenue. The historic Art Deco building was the headquarters for MetLife Insurance Co. and in 1998 the restaurant opened. In the summer of 2017 it underwent a full-scale renovation and redesign, closed during covid and re-opened in 2021 with an entirely plant-based menu.

Chef Daniel Humm believes that the creativity and commitment toward plant-based is where our food system needs to go and is the most exciting time for him in his career. “Eating this way is better for the planet and it doesn’t mean sacrificing deliciousness.” A plant-based diet focusses on eating foods coming mostly from plant sources but may include animal products. A vegan diet eliminates all animal products. Both diets consist of eating mostly plants, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds plant-based oils (avocado, olive, canola) and whole grains (quinoa, farro, barley, oatmeal).

In 2022, Daniel Humm launched Eleven Madison Home, which offers pantry staples that will transform your cooking and entertaining experience. The New York Times gives it 4 stars, the Wine Spectator gave it a Grand Award and the James Beard Foundation recognized Daniel Humm as Outstanding Chef and the restaurant for Outstanding Service and Outstanding Restaurant.

Eleven Madison Park offers a nine-course plant-based menu and a 6 course bar tasting menu. You may also stop in for a specialty cocktail and bar snacks. Reservations can be made for either the dining room or bar room one month in advance online.

I was fortunate to enjoy my birthday at 11 Madison Park. I preferred the six-course menu in the bar area with comfortable seating at a cocktail table next to the bar, where three mixologists did their magic with inventive and beautiful cocktails. Mixology is an art as is cooking.

Here is the menu:


A shaken drink of lettuce and celery


Avocado, fava beans and mint


With peas and anise hyssop


With rice, nepitella and ginger


Steamed with baby lettuce and basil


With coconut and shiso


Pretzel with Chocolate

Janetta’s Rating:

9 Food, 10 Service, 10 Atmosphere

My personal note is that it was a wonderful evening with a fine and different dining experience. It’s something you should try once and determine whether you would want to return again at the high price for plant-based food. That’s your choice!


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