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Sounds like the ultimate dichotomy. Talking about what we cooked for dinner last night as we do our 1+ hours on the treadmill, elliptical and/or bike. Sharing recipes and comparing specific details about the ingredients of a favorite dish that we prepared for our families over the weekend, as we work up a sweat and try to burn off the calories at the gym. Sharing photos of our beautiful table setting and the presentation of the food we served, as we check our fitbits to see our number of steps so far for the day.

Yes, many of us have our “gym friends.” When we meet side by side on a gym machine, we begin to rehash the night before or the weekend coming up. We talk about the restaurant we went to, what we ordered and our level of satisfaction with the meal. We share recipes for an upcoming holiday or celebration. We ask each other for suggestions as to “what to cook” tonight.

NYSC – Huntington, L.I.

Sunday gravy, that’s a common discussion. Meatballs – “Do you use the three meats (veal, pork & beef?) Is your sauce garlic based or onion based or both? What brand of pasta do you buy? How long do you cook the sauce? In an Italian household, Sunday gravy is a staple meal. I can remember waking up on a Sunday morning after being out late at night on the Saturday evening and smelling the aroma of garlic cooking. Dad was preparing the chopped meat and forming the meatballs using his hands, which we all loved. Dad made the best meatballs! He would also put sausage, pork meat and braciole in the gravy. I would walk to the local bakery, which was maybe 4 blocks away and get a loaf of fresh Brooklyn bread with lumps and seeds. Delizioso!

Sunday gravy

My gym friends and I love to talk about food. Food is a common element and bond among friends. Don’t get me wrong. We talk about politics, sports, kid issues and successes, family dynamics, the psychology of relationships and marriage. We chat with some of our other “gym friends,” one of whom is our 91 year old WWII Veteran and Professor. And, we have many laughs at the same time we are trying to burn those calories.

Mangia, viaggio e amore.

Gotta go now, I’m late for the gym!

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