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CABANA NIGHT - WHO'S IN? - June 2017

“It’s my turn this week to do dinner.” Maggie happily sent a group text to our group of 6 ladies, who have developed a friendship

over 20+ years. One by one, each of the ladies responded: “I’m in!” “What can I bring?” “Does anyone want to play tennis before we eat?”

Summer time brings another level of special times together with friends. As members of a family club on the North Shore of Long Island, there is so much opportunity, especially in the Summer to join in activities with friends and family. We can play tennis, bocce, go for a swim in the pool or even hang out at the beach. Often we meet for a casual dinner at Cathy’s cabana. The cabana, or as Cathy would say, “our cabana” is 5’ x 8’, has a refrigerator and a sink with only cold water. It’s our home away from home, as simple as it might be.

A few weeks ago we met at 6:30PM at the cabana and decided not to partake in tennis, as it was 90+ degrees with 80% humidity. We all decided we would play a board game (bananagrams, scrabble, rummikub) after dinner. Maggie set a lovely table with hydrangea from her garden and served: steak, avocado and a wonderful recipe of faro with corn and black beans. Flax pita and salad were on the side. Hmmmm… so good. The ladies sipped on chardonnay and a few enjoyed a cabernet, making sure we had Pellegrino before, in between and after our glasses of wine.

Conversation usually flows within the group, about our children, grandchildren, husbands, boyfriends and our work. We often talk about a dinner or occasion that we may have had the past weekend and go into the details of the food that was served. The ladies are always interested in sharing recipes, photos of their table setting and of course some of the funny stories that exist at every gathering of friends or family. As ladies generally do, we talk about our emotions and the ups and downs in life. I brought up ideas for our next ladies trip. Whether we go to a spa, or travel to the Hamptons for a weekend or go on a golf & tennis excursion to Jupiter, FL., we always enjoy our time together. Cocktails and dinner are often a highlight and we all share in the planning. Cabana night and “girls trips” are so easy…. that’s what makes it right! Simpatica!

Food, travel and relationships are entwined. Another delicious meal, beautiful sunset and evening with friends to cherish. Thank you all!

Cibo, viaggi e relazioni si intrecciano!

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