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The Columbus Citizens Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organization in New York City committed to fostering an appreciation of Italian-American heritage and achievement.  The club and restaurant (The Tavernia) is located in a townhouse 8 - 69th St. between Madison & Fifth Avenue.  There are currently about 600 prominent men and women members representing the fields of law, medicine, government, business, education and the arts.


The Foundation, through a broad range of philanthropic and cultural activities, provides opportunities for advancement to deserving Italian-American students through various scholarship and grant programs.


It was the foresight of two extraordinary men, Judge S. Samuel DiFalco and Generoso Pope, and that of the Founding Members, the sons and daughters of immigrants, that inspired the creation of the Foundation in 1944.  To this day, the Foundation memorializes and fosters the legacy of tradition, talent, culture and love of family and the ever-increasing importance of Italian-Americans in the mosaic that is the United States.

The Foundation’s most public activity each year is organizing New York City’s Columbus Celebration, including the Columbus Day Parade, which is the largest celebration of Italian-American heritage and achievement in the world. The celebration includes the Annual Gala Dinner, the wreath laying at Columbus Circle, the Columbus Day Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.


Mission Statement:

Recognizing the incredible impact that our Italian heritage has had on our lives and its contribution to our individual successes, we the Members of the Columbus Citizens Foundation dedicate ourselves to preserving and enhancing the culture, traditions and values we were so blessed to receive.  Furthermore, we will commit to honor those that came before us by ensuring that their love of country, family and tireless work ethic are passed to our children and all future generations.  We firmly commit to raise and distribute financial aid to educate children in need and pledge to extend ourselves in perpetuating the philanthropic work that has been synonymous with our Foundation.

The CCF is decorated for Christmas beautifully.  Bellissimo!  Trees and fireplace mantles are adorned with lights and decorations creating a festive feeling of warmth, tradition and holiday spirit.  Special holiday dinners are offered in the various rooms of the townhouse.  Thanksgiving, dinner, Christmas Day Dinner and the formal New Years Eve celebration are joyous and special.  Private parties, business meetings and luncheons, and special events are offered throughout the year.  The outside garden is a hidden gem and lovely during the Summer months.


Otherwise, dinner in the Tavernia is traditional Italian food and is a true delight.  Dinner begins with some complimentary parmigiana chunks of cheese and soppresata and a wonderful basket of assorted breads and breadsticks.  The menu is displayed on a blackboard tableside, and everything is excellent.   As is traditional in an Italian household, a large fruit bowl is placed on the table after dinner and some wonderful biscotti and Italian cookies.  It’s a throwback to my earlier years growing up in Brooklyn, having family Sunday dinners and visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  The Columbus Citizens Foundation is a special club loaded with Italian traditions, warm hospitality and an inspiring purpose for the benefit of young Italian American students.  It also serves as the best champion of our members heritage.  Brava!

Appetizer - first course




Bolognese & Paccheri Fillet di Pomodoro

Sole Francese with broccoli rabe & potatoes

Annual Day with Lucille & Clare, friends for 45 years

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janet vitiello
janet vitiello
Feb 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This Italian club is special. A private club, with a great taverna and beautiful rooms for private parties. Love it at Christmas, decorated beautifully.

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