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My brother-in-law Sal and Aleen were recently engaged. Their relationship over the past 14 years has been wonderful to watch, filled with excitement, adventure, travel, love and, it certainly has been a journey with some curve balls. They have had some ups and downs with each other and thus, there have been moments of confusion within their families. This is a great story! They recently secured their love in the Berkshires with an emotional proposal by Sal and Aleen saying “yes”, who now wears a beautiful diamond on her left hand. It’s a “wow!” They are so happy; they are like little kids, they are giddy, they both are beaming with beauty and joy.

Now for the real “feel good story,” a story that brings back hope for goodness and mature love (we could all use a little of that.) Vince and I were enjoying a lovely lunch at the Bay Club with Sally and Aleen, when Aleen explained that she was so thrilled to finally have sisters. She presented me with a card, beautifully written, expressing her genuine desire to get to know me deeply and to have a 4-way bond with me and with Sally’s two sisters, Jeri and Karen. Her words expressed that we should always enjoy a closeness and she gifted each of us with a bracelet, each bracelet unique and specifically chosen as a symbol of our bond as now 4 sisters. The words and sentiment of happiness and desire by Aleen to move forward as united sisters touched me. This gesture has not left my head; I remain focused on Aleen’s words and genuine interest in continuing a special relationship with each of us. Don’t get me wrong, I do love, love my Hermes bracelet, which Aleen and Sal explained would not be seen anywhere else. They purchased it in Rome, on their recent Italian trip, and my bracelet has a design of female Super Heroes. I interpreted Aleen’s choice for me out of the array of Hermes bracelets as a very large compliment. It stands out in my small collection of Hermes bracelets which I treasure; I love the fact that there is a conversation to be had for each Hermes bracelet, some of which Vince has gifted to me and two of which I purchased for myself at an empowering moment.

Thank you Aleen and Sal for this most special act of kindness and love and for the opportunity to share a “feel good story” with you and others. Small moments like this are very large events in life, and remind one that life is good, moving forward is always the direction to go and what matters most is how you can touch just one person, and exponentially affect others. Aleen’s four adjectives that she expressed as mutually shared by the four of us are: Exception, Strength, Beauty and Resilience. I could not have said it better and feel grateful for this time and opportunity ahead to share a meaningful and joyful relationship. I will wear my special bracelet often and will share my “feel good story” with others. I just love it!!! Amore!!!

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janet vitiello
janet vitiello
Feb 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A great story of kindness and love.

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