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It’s always nice to wake up one day and leave the next day for a spontaneous trip. Booking flights, finding the right hotel and coordinating activities at home can be stressful or exciting. You choose!

Off to Bermuda for a long weekend. The beauty of this location is that it is a 1 hour and 40 minute flight from JFK to an absolute paradise. A popular honeymoon destination, a cruise ship port, a business conference location and a repeat family vacation favorite, Bermuda is ideal. Off the coast of South Carolina, Bermuda has a humid sub-tropical climate. The season is from April thru December, (high season from May-Sept.) with January thru March as the off-season with an average temperature of 63 degrees. Bermuda has never recorded snow or a frost or freeze and rarely gets hotter in the height of the Summer above 85 degrees.

Bermuda is divided into nine parishes - the 3 most popular are Hamilton, Southhampton and St. George. The pink sand beaches and clear cerulean blue ocean waters can be enjoyed at Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach, two of the more favorite beaches for visitors.

Church Bay is loved by snorkelers, where nearby reefs readily accessible from shore can be seen. There are no rental cars in Bermuda, but the Twizy Renault electric minicars have recently been introduced and can be rented at the Fairmont Hamilton. Scooters can be hired for your private enjoyment and transportation, but be careful. Driving on the left on the hilly, narrow roads in Bermuda sometimes can be stressful and precarious.

Horseshoe Bay

We spent 3 nights at the Elbow Beach Resort, which is located on Elbow Beach and is centrally located on Bermuda. Hamilton is a 10 minute taxi ride, as is the Southhampton area. We enjoyed several dinners in Hamilton and a lovely brunch at the Fairmont Southhampton hotel. That hotel has one of the six golf courses on Bermuda, is a jitney away from the hotels private beach which is adjacent to

Horseshoe Bay. A lovely hotel, certainly a popular business conference property and a vacation destination offering many activities. The Fairmont Hamilton is lovely, situated within walking distance to the center of the town of Hamilton, where there is very nice shopping, many good choices of restaurants and pubs and nightclubs. Marcus at the Fairmont is a chic bar with a menu of Bermudian dishes as well as trendy food and signature/classic cocktails. Marcus is a visually attractive space displaying some modern art, original pieces by Andy Warhol, Lui Ye and Nelson Mandela.

Marcus menu & bar

The Dog House is a beerhouse and entertainment venue on Front Street in the center of Hamilton, across from the docked cruise ships. The bar/restaurant gets more crowded as the night goes on, when it becomes a dancing club into the wee hours.

A quick trip and feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Thank you Vince for the spontaneous trip to Bermuda, a favorite travel destination of mine which I hadn’t been to in so many years. I fell in love with Bermuda during my first visit (1979) off a cruise ship that docked in Hamilton for 4 days. I traveled to this paradise on two other occasions, both business trips. I’m glad I was able to return once again for some R & R with my love! Simpatica!

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