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Bocce is a fun outdoor game for the whole family.  I always say, it’s a game played with 1/3 skill, 1/3 strategy and 1/3 luck.  The luck comes into play with the condition of the court, how smooth it plays, any bits of debris that alters the direction and speed of the bocce ball when thrown.  It is a game that has been played for centuries around the world.  There was a time when playing was reserved strictly for nobility, but now it is regarded as a game for all.  Bocce has gained popularity in the U.S. and courts are appearing in many parks, backyards and country clubs. 

Guissepi Garibaldi, sometimes referred to as the George Washington of Italy, popularized the sport in Italy and made it what it is today.  At one time, the Catholic Church prohibited clergymen from playing bocce.  In 1896, the first bocce Olympiad was played in Athens, Greece, and it has been an international sport since then.  In 1947, the first Italian bocce league was formed in Italy and was the first year of the annual Bocce World Championships.

The rules of bocce vary in different geographic areas and whether it is tournament play or basic backyard enjoyment.  Each league or club creates their own rules of the game.  My club, Head of the Bay Club installed a bocce court about 10 years ago.  It has become one of the most popular activities at our family club and the nicest part is that it has brought many different groups of people together playing the same game.  In the Fall, we have casual league play, with as many as 10 players on one team.  In the Summer, we play more seriously, with two players on each team (ladies, mens and mixed).  There is a ladder based on previous year rankings and the tournament ends on Labor Day Weekend with Final matches.  The finale is a Pig roast which is attended by about 200 people who have participated in bocce during the season.  Fun, fun, and more fun!

Basic Tournament Bocce Rules:  (followed at HBC, in Huntington Ba

  • There are 2 players on each team.

  • Each team chooses a color; there are 6 balls to throw

  • To determine who goes first, a player from each team throws a ball down the court, whomever gets closer to the back wall without touching the wall, goes first.

  • The first player throws out the pallino (smaller red target ball)

  • The first player then begins by throwing out a bocce ball attempting to get as close to the pallino as possible.  If it touches the pallino, we say “bocce” or more properly “baci” which means kiss in Italian.

  • One player from the next team throws out a bocce ball trying to get the ball closer to the pallino than his/her opponent.

  • The team who is further away then throws bocce balls until they get closer than the other teams ball.  Each team player throws three balls.

  • Play continues until all the balls have been played.

  • Points are awarded to the team that has the closest ball(s) to the pallino – referred to as the inside balls.

  • The winner of that round, the team that scored the points begins the next round by throwing the pallino.

  • Continue play until one team has 13 points, winning by 2.

Bocce Court

Measuring tool

Bocce area at Grey Oaks in Naples, Florida

Plan an evening with family & friends. Bring some appetizers and cocktails and enjoy a night while playing a fun, yet competitive game. You will be surprised as to how much fun you can have playing this Italian favorite game.






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janet vitiello
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It's a fun game.

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